Bonnie is the founder of Free Spirits Dance Co. and has been progressively expanding her brand since 2017. Ever since the age of 5 she trained in both gymnastics and dancing, becoming a performer as soon as she entered primary school. Moving to Sydney lead her to start her own Chinese Classical Dance Crew, performing at locations including the ICC, Opera House and Sydney Town Hall. Receiving recognition motivated her to take a year into intense full-time study at Brent Street Dance Academy to be trained in many different styles including commercial jazz, hip hop, contemporary and ballet.

After graduating with a scholarship, she has continued to teach dancing and explore new dance genres and styles to bring within her arsenal. Free Spirits Dance Co, is the culmination of her experience, authenticity and creativity in one, fuelled with her vision to bring the best dance classes to all her students.


Gabby is an artist, dancer and choreographer from Western Sydney. She began her dance training and performing at the age of 8, learning commercial jazz and hip hop with her sister and cousin’s dance group. Throughout her time in primary school and high school she has performed in many talent shows, local festivals and charity events. She began training in ballet and contemporary in 2013, then extended her training to jazz and tap in 2016. Gabby completed a Bachelor of Dance in 2020 and since then, participated in many dance training programs. She is currently interested in creating choreography that incorporates the many styles she has trained in, and takes any opportunity to learn and share as authentically as she can.


Alice Tauv, also known as Arisse, has over 13 years of dance experience and 6 years of teaching. She has continuously worked on her craft by learning from both local and international dancers in a variety of different Street Dance styles, mainly focusing on Hiphop Freestyle. She has represented Australia in competitions in Melbourne, Brisbane, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore as well as organises her own competitions.

She continues to support and build the next generation of dancers through teaching classes and workshops at local schools and universities and teaching street classes for everyone to join. She is also Vice-President of DSDA Inc. which is a non-profit organisation that runs programs and workshops for the youth and young adults, and works closely with councils and organisations to curate events.